Trophy Hunting in Nepal

Trophy Hunting in Nepal

Nepal has a great history of trophy hunting. Many Nepalese king's, Rana's and VIP has enjoyed trophy hunting. King George from united Great Britain enjoyed hunting at Chitwan Royal Bengal Tiger and One horned Rhinoceros. When Nepal regulated trophy hunting policy many people from America, Europe, Australia and Russia has enjoyed beautiful hunt Blue Sheep and Himalayan Tahr. Nepal has great bio diversity landscapes, climate, vegetation and wildlife. You can hunt in plain to mountain.Nepal has a great opportunity for hunters to re open various species which are already listed in IUCN. Now the population growing, farmers are suffering, everyone has awareness to protect wildlife. Trophy hunting is the only way sustainable use of wildlife and Nature.

You can hunt a good trophy in Nepal. Do not know more about trophy hunting? Check here. You can hunt either blue sheep or tahr, or both, in a combo hunt. The horn of blue sheep can be as long as eighty centimeter, which is thirty one inch. Also, for himalayan tahr its horn can be as long as forty six centimeter, which is eighteen inch. Try hunting an adult male either blue sheep or himalayan tahr. The long horn and skull is definitely a trophy from himalayan hunting. Also, you can take the skin as a souvenir!.

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