Hunting in Nepal

Hunting in Nepal

Nepal is characterize by mystic peaks, exotic hills and Himalayas, scenic valleys secluded forests and other different forms of untouchable nature. Nepal is an ideal destination for adventure tourism including adventure game sport trophy hunting. Nepal boasts a hunting reserve of its own kinds certain species of wild animals are allowed to be hunted. Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve located not far from capital Kathmandu, is a wildlife reserve on the footsteps of the Himalayan with specified hunting blocks. The main hunting species area Himalayan Blue sheep, Himalayan Tahr, Wild boar and barking deer hunters allowed to be hunt. The area and the animals involved in the adventure making hunting in Nepal the ultimate experience for hunting enthusiasts. The best part is that hunters are allowed to take their trophy.

Hunting still continues in some of the most majestic mountains on earth for blue sheep, tahr and muntjac. Helicopters are available nowadays to speed up the assent to the high mountain hunting zone, but for the purist, who wants a physical challenge and to enjoy the serenity of the mountains more completely, operators still offer the trekking version of the hunt, which involves a trek of four days to the high country. These hunts are done in the spring (when the animals are found at about 14,000 to 15,000 feet) and in the fall (when game moves up to 16,000 - 17,000 feet). Perhaps no other country inspires the imagination of the mountain hunter as does Nepal.

Hunting Conditions

Hunting in Nepal is a challenging task because you need to find the animals by foot at high altitudes of over 3,000 meters. Hunting is allowed in a specified block only and hunters cannot switch blocks during their hunt. The hunting team, you, your guides, and porters, will be accompanied by an official from the hunting reserve to make sure you hunt in the specified area only for a specified period. The helping team, generally, helps you in finding the animal but the shooting decision rests onto you.

The Hunting Gear: Arms, Ammunition, etc.

Any firearm from .270 to .375 magnum is allowed to be carried for hunting. A rifle or a shotgun is the best weapon for highland hunting. Carry about 40 rounds of ammunition which should be more than enough. Wear darker colors (dark green and brown are the best) so as to not spook the animals. A good pair of hunting boots and SPF30 rated sun block are highly recommended. It is going to be very cold in the high altitude and it might even snow so make sure to bring warm clothes. Other necessary items would be gun cleaning kit, pocket knife, cartridge, gun bag and binoculars. People wanting to bring their own firearms into Nepal need prior permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Forest Affair, Department of customer Generally, all necessary equipments are provided by the Outfitter .

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