Helicopter Tours in Nepal

Helicopter Tours in Nepal

Nepal Wildlife Safari is the pioneer for helicopter sightseeing in Nepal, Himalayas Kingdom. Helicopter Tours in Nepal is for people who has very limited time and who really don't want to trek upward and downward in stiff difficult Himalayan Trails for them only option is helicopter tour and trek can be run to shorten of the trips otherwise may take longer days .Nepal Helicopter tour, chopper need only a small landing space it can be hired to take tourist to whichever destination at any time they are willing to go.Chatering a helicopter for and sightseeing or the heli-trip have become most famous popular activity in Nepal.

We have two types helicopter currently operating in Nepal private sector such as As 350 B3e series of the helicopter which are manufactured by EURO-copter France and are very popular all over the world, it is one of the most versatile Helicopter and is suitable for mountain flying as all types of helicopter missions following are its feature.

Since we have some other helicopter which are powerful Russian made mi17 this is known as big bird its capable of transporting 22 passenger or 4 tons of cargo mi-17 can reach altitudes of 5000m and have been known to landed at Everest Base camp they offer excellent utility and reliability under extreme condition and this helicopter are use for bigger group.

Helicopter Tours
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